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Welcome to Frank Kutsche's website of Ice Hockey and Motorsport photos (and other stuff)

I am based in Adelaide, South Australia and have supported Ice Hockey locally for over 35 years starting with the Payneham Flyers at the South Australian Ice Centre at Payneham in the National Ice Hockey League (1981-82).  I am an AIHL and AWIHL Adelaide Adrenaline team photographer and have photographed the Adrenaline and previous Avalanche ice hockey games for 11 years.  This website contains photos and separate pages about ice hockey, motorsport and an archive of the historic ice hockey in South Australia. 

My motorsport photography interests date back to the early 1980's, focusing on car rallies, hillclimbs and the odd off-road event. 

Other content includes: local Australian Rules Football games, Adelaide International Rugby Sevens, Tour Down Under cycling.  "Sticks or Stones?" you might kick the ball through big white 'sticks', and you get 'gravel' rash if you crash your bike!  

If you are interested in any particular photos please contact me and don't forget to leave your email address in the message otherwise I can't respond! 




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Note: At the end of the year, individual ice hockey games are amalgamated into a season album.  For Ice Hockey and SANFL images all captions contain the game and are therefore searchable.

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 Catagories directs you to genres, eg Ice hockey mens, Car rallies, Footy etc. 

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My other claim to fame is being the main author of a very popular book published in 2003 titled "Field Guide to the Plants of Outback South Australia" which had a print run of 5,000 copies.  I designed the guide, wrote the text and photographed most of the plants in the South Australian Outback for 3 years with additional input from the co-author who sourced the funding for the book.  The book was written for the South Australian Government and sadly went out of print in 2010. 

During 2013 the Royal Geographic Society and another conservation group expressed interest in a partnership to print the book.  Work by the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) was undertaken to produce the second edition but the current status is unknown (as at early 2017).   

   Front and back cover of "Field Guide to the Plants of Outback South Australia"


Many thanks to Sandra Lehmann and Candice Mitchell for supplying information for photos of the AWIHL games. Howard Button for use of Payneham Flyers photos, and Steve Newbound and Mickey Sutherland for information, photos and media articles for Payneham Flyers and Thebarton Penguins.  Many thanks also to John Botterill, Ross Noga and Charlie Vaughton for the their support over the years in Ice Hockey

Please note that under an agreement with Ice Hockey Australia, 2009 Goodall Cup and Olympiad photos are not for sale and not to be used elsewhere without the express permission of IHA .

All photos and text are protected under Australian Copyright Laws, and the copying, reproducing or downloading of any photos, ie for Facebook etc is not allowed without the permission of Frank Kutsche or contributors to the website.